Sunday, December 15, 2013

A nice testimonial

A couple weeks ago, one of my October students sent me a nice note after the workshop ended. She had taken the workshop with phone mentoring:

"I want to thank you so very much for your support, encouragement, and generosity with your time and knowledge. Your course and personal help was far and away more than I expected and absolutely invaluable to me. I feel like I got WAY more than my money's worth, and also like I've found a friend and cheerleader who's out there sending the Universe good vibes on my behalf. Who couldn't use more of that? I can't adequately express my gratitude, so I'll just say thank you again."

It's always lovely to get a note like this, but the truth is L worked really hard those three weeks and overcame some big confidence issues just by doing. It's the doing that builds confidence, which a lot of aspiring writers have a hard time believing. I swear, though, that taking action is the secret to success, and if you can just get out of your own way and do something, anything to move you forward--even if it turns out to the wrong step to take--you'll be ahead of the pack of folks who believe there's some other secret to making it as a writer.

This isn't a sales pitch for my story idea workshop, btw. If you know what you need to do to move yourself forward--whether it's increasing the number of pitches you send out each week, or simply calling a magazine to get an editor's e-mail address--then DO IT. Don't sign up for another class if you know what you need to do -- you're just stalling and throwing good money away when you could be making money. However, if you're ready to take action--or, in the words of Tony Robbins, "massive action"--but want feedback on your ideas  and how to strengthen them (which you don't always get when you pitch to an editor) or want to build the skills you'll need to become a writer who's brimming with stories to tell, then my class can assist you. It's hard work and like I alluded to above with L ... the work is really on your shoulders. I can only help when you do the heavy lifting of doing the assignments and working with me to refine those ideas into stories.

Last week L said she was moving forward slowly, but as I told her and what I would tell you, that's terrific! It's not a race, especially if you're at the beginning of your career or you've got a lot of other responsibilities and/or issues. As long as you've got a plan and you're taking action regularly and consistently--even if it's every other week--you're making progress.

Here's to happy, prosperous, and confident 2014!!!

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