Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New post on Renegade Writer blog

Ooops, in the craziness of yesterday I forgot to mention that I had a post on the Renegade Writer website, "If You Love Writing, Should You Still Get Paid for It?" It's not often I can say this, but I actually had fun writing this one. It's also gratifying that it hit a nerve with a lot of writers so I've been getting a lot of fan mail, which is always nice. I think what a lot of writers are missing, though, is this is not a rant against sites asking for writers to write for free, but more a declaration that I don't give a fig what people think about my job or how I run my business. I look at my work like the IRS does -- an entity that makes income for which I have to pay taxes. It's just what I do because, frankly, I'm ill-equipped for anything else.

But I'm still a little happy people like what I've written. ;-)

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